Unfortunately, doing business and innovating also means that you may get disputes. With a partner, employee, supplier or competitor for example. Sometimes an external party is needed to resolve a dispute. However, litigation requires a huge investment in both time and resources with great uncertainty. That is why Brainport TechLaw is in the process of establishing a dispute resolution institution based on arbitration and mediation: an expert, advantageous, fast and confidential alternative to litigation  www.brainporttechlaw.nl/wat-doen-we/geschillen-en-arbitrage

Arbitration & Mediation

Technology Dispute Solutions (TDS) will offer independent dispute resolution in the field of technology. In addition, the institute will offer the possibility to provide mediation or binding or non-binding advice. Arbitration via TDS works preferably electronically. Even an arbitration session is held via videoconference, unless the parties prefer to have a physical session. This saves costs – especially in international disputes. The arbitration institute will be completely separate from the Brainport TechLaw knowledge center and will receive an independent board and secretariat.


In the first quarter of 2018, Brainport TechLaw has formed the leading group that will set up TDS, in collaboration with Eindhoven University of Technology (TUe), Juridische Hogeschool (a combined Hogeschool of Fontys and Avans University of Applied Sciences) and Tilburg University (TILT). The contours of TDS will be ready in mid-2018. Where possible, TDS will work together with existing arbitration institutes.

Silicon Valley Arbitration & Mediation Center (SVAMC)

SVAMC works with leading technology companies, law firms, neutrals, ADR institutions and universities to promote effective and efficient resolution of technology disputes and related complex business disputes, including through the use of arbitration and mediation as alternatives to the cost, timing, formality and uncertainty associated with court proceedings. SVAMC supports tech-savvy and business practical ADR resolution www.SVAMC.org . Hopefully, we will have an arbitration and mediation center similar to SVAMC closer at home in Brainport by the end of 2018.

Pierre Konings, MfN-register mediator, member of Brainport TechLaw, participating in the group that will set up TDS, with focus on mediation. www.koningsmediation.nl