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Mar 23
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A new name for the European Trademark Office

As of March 23, 2016, the new name for the European Trademark Office in Alicante, Spain, is European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO).

The Community trademark is now called the European Union trademark.

Under new EU legislation, the fees payable to the Office are revised, including an overall reduction in their amounts, particularly in the case of trademark renewal fees.

Since 1996, EUIPO has processed more than 1,3 million European Union trademarks in 23 EU languages, from nearly every country and region in the word.

Aug 03
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Is your trademark worth gold?

You invest a lot of time and energy into your company and you sell products or services under your brand. That builds brand awareness and goodwill. Your brand represents so much value.

You obviously do not want another company to operate under a similar name, but that the goodwill is protected under your brand. This protection is available via a Benelux trademark registration.

• A domain name registration does not protect your brand.

• A trade name is not meant to protect the name of your product or service and provides only limited protection for the company name in the area where your business is located.

• A trademark registration is valid throughout the Benelux and you can easily take action against abuse

• The cost of a Benelux trademark registration is relatively inexpensive and, after registration the trademark is valid for 10 years at no additional cost

• Your registered trademark is worth gold!

Jun 26
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IP Mediation Open Day

On June 15, 2015, I participated in the first ever IP Mediation Open Day organized by OHIM in Alicante. The IP Mediation Open Day was aimed at everyone with an interest in mediation and how it is used in IP. It was an activity-based, participative event which revolved around discussions, demonstrations and real-world issues in this dynamic and fast-growing discipline. There was a role-play of a trademark conflict between the older trademark "King Malt Whisky" with logo (Spirits United PLC) and the younger mark "Whisky King (China Retail). Via mediation by OHIM the trademark dispute was resolved and resulted in a cooperation between both companies for a new product blended whiskey. The conflict changed into a win-win situation for both companies.

May 06
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Trademark registration in three steps

Trademark registration in three steps

Trademarks are all signs capable of distinguishing the goods (products) or services from a company.

Step 1:

Create a distinctive name for your product or service

- no generic name (POST OFFICE) for a post office

- no descriptive name (BIOMILD) for yogurt

- a strong brand has distinctive capacity (COCA-COLA for soft drinks)

Step 2:

Check the availability of your name in:

- the company register

- the domain name register

- the trademark register

Step 3:

Register your name and/or logo as a trademark

- after registration the trademark is valid for 10 years

- the trademark registration can be renewed every 10 years after payment of the renewal fee.

A registered trademarks strengthens your business!

May 06
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From trade name to trademark

Do you use your trade name:

- to promote your product (e.g. GIANT for bycicles)

- to advertise your services (e.g. MASTERCARD for credit cards)

- or logo (e.g. the COCA-COLA logo)

- as web address (e.g.

- on social media (for example

If so, then you use your trade name also as a trademark. By law, you have to register a trademark in order to obtain trademark protection. Otherwise, it is much more difficult to act against someone who abuses or imitates your trademark. Advantages of trademark registration is that your name is protected in the relevant territory, it is easier to act against imitation, Google will take measures against abuse of your mark in advertisements.

Nov 18
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Logos for Medicines

In a slightly later stage of product development than the creation of brand names the creation of the logo starts together with the creation of the marketing materials and brand messages.

Nov 18
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Invented Names

Remarkably, the European Medicines Agency (EMA) does not speak about "Trademarks" but calls it "Invented Names". It is a requirement of EMA that there is only a single Invented Name for a drug and this name should be used in all 27 Member States of the European Community. A different brand name in Spain, for example is not allowed. In the mutual recognition procedure more than one name is allowed. However, pharmaceutical companies often opt for the central procedure through the EMA because it is a faster procedure. It also appears that on average, EMA rejects 50% of the submitted names based on possible health risk of confusion with other approved names for medicines in the European Community.

Nov 18
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Brand names of drugs

Developing a drug takes many years and cost hundreds of millions of euros. The name of that product should sound like a clock. Names of drugs were traditionally designed for doctors who prescribed the drugs and sounded scientific. Nowadays names of medicines increasingly patient-centered and abstract sound like PROZAC (fluoxetine , Eli Lilly) for depression and VIAGRA (sildenafil , Pfizer) in erectile dysfunction. But how do drugs get their name? What are the criteria for a good name?

Nov 18
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Generic name drug

The brand name may not resemble the generic name of the drug, also known as the International Non Proprietary Name (INN), awarded by the World Health Organization (WHO). For example, the brand name CALCID for a vitamin D product would be rejected because "calci" is the INN-stem for vitamin D analogues such as alfacalcidol, calcifediol, calcitriol. Other INN-stems are azepam for diazepam derivatives -cillin for antibiotics , -cort for conticosteroids etc.

Nov 17
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KONINGS trademarks

Hello, I am Pierre Konings, owner of the new company KONINGS trademarks in Geffen. I have over 18 years experience with protecting brands worldwide.

KONINGS trademarks protects brands for products, for example COCA - COLA for soda, and protects brands for services such as INTERPOLIS for insurance.