Is your trademark unique?

Finding a strong Trademark is an important choice. This also applies to a company name, trade name or logo. Have you developed a product or a service with a unique name? Protect your Trademark with a trademark registration!

KONINGS Trademarks will take care of professional registration and maintenance of your Trademark.

Distinctive capacity

The Trademark Office sets high standards for Trademarks to be registered. It has the authority to refuse your Trademark if it lacks distinctive capacity.

Act timely!

Filing your Trademark does not automatically lead to trademark registration. Timely research and advice regarding the registrability of your Trademark is important for the successful recording and filing of your brand, company name, trade name or logo.

Trademark registration®

We are happy to help you with recording, filing and protecting your Trademark via a trademark registration and watching your trademark. This will enable you to effectively stop misuse and counterfeit of your Trademark so that the goodwill in your Trademark will not be lost.

Stand strong with a registered Trademark!

KONINGS Trademarks can provide the services for you as listed below:

  • Trademark availability searches
  • Recording, filing and registration of Trademarks,┬ácompany names, trade names and logos
  • Advice regarding propper use of Trademarks, advice regarding trademark infringement, and Trademark watching
  • Maintenance and renewal of Trademarks,┬ácompany names, trade names and logos
  • Due Diligence for Trademarks
  • Filing Oppositions, preparing cease and desist letters
  • Preparing Trademark Assignments, Trademark Co-existence Agreements, Licenses