Design registration

Do you have developed a new design with distinctive character? If so, it is advisable to register the design in the Benelux or in the EU. After registration, you will have the exclusive rights in the design and can take action against design infringement and misuse of the design.

KONINGS Trademarks will take care of professional registration and maintenance of your Design.

Benefits of Design registration

A Design registration is valid for 5 years and can be renewed with 5 years until a maximum of 25 years. The registration will give you exclusivity and protection against misuse.

Protect your designs

KONINGS Trademarks can provide the services for you as listed below:

  • Advice regarding design protection
  • Design availability searches
  • Design registration
  • Maintenance and renewal of designs
  • Filing Oppositions, preparing cease and desist letters
  • Preparing Assignments, Co-existence Agreements, Licenses